Allison Graham has always had a knack for finding and fixing things: kinks in the sales process, networking woes, marketing fails and ultimately in her own life, during the ten-year period when her life went awry. At the top of her game, while running for office, Allison experienced a harrowing series of accidents, personal losses, and debilitating injuries which limited her mobility and stamina. Working through the excruciating pain, she refused to be broken.

Her resolve to overcome the odds, refusing to accept a prognosis of personal and professional stagnation, she armed herself for a fight and created work-arounds to grow her business and nurture continued growth in her life. In the process, she found out how strong she really was and created a fix for what her doctors and councillors warned her would be a futile ‘recovery’. Allison’s story has motivated people to look beyond their current circumstances and challenges, and uses her own learnings to help people elevate their life options, rather than accept their plight.

Through her incredible determination, and resilience, Allison Graham has become a mentor and beacon to those who fall in the face of failure. Allison has chronicled that journey in her new book Married My Mother, Birthed A Dog: How To Be Resilient When Life Sucks which has earned her the moniker, Resiliency Ninja. Allison’s first book, From Business Cards to Business Relationships: Personal Branding and Profitable Networking Made Easy! (Wiley 2012) became a Best-Seller. Allison’s decision to move into the self-help industry was inspired after surviving, and thriving through her decade of hell. She had to use every resiliency strategy she could muster to continue to succeed in business, while her personal life was being tested from every angle.

She speaks throughout North America and has been featured in the Financial Post, Globe and Mail, Fast Company, Investment Executive, Huffington Post and The Bottom Line as an authority on what it takes to develop profitable relationships. Each week her segment called Small Business Lessons from the Big Business Headlines airs on AM980. In her professional life, Allison inspires people to double their business and achieve sales and networking mastery. She’s celebrating ten years as a business growth consultant and loves to share her signature program, the Evolution of Profitable Relationships.

Allison is proud to have been named to the inaugural Top 20 Under 40 Economic Trailblazers list by London Business Magazine. You can connect with Allison at or on Twitter/Instagram @AllisonDGraham; please use the hashtag #resiliencyninja